Praxis 57 - The Wirebug: Factory Food

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Praxis 57 - The Wirebug: Factory Food

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Praxis 57

The Wirebug: Factory Food

6-track vinyl plus locked groove / 14 track digital

Factory Food is the first album from the Wirebug aka Dan Hekate for over a decade. Now a feature film director Dan has brought all his expertise in sound design to bear on this full-length album of industrial beats, soundscapes and noise. Intertwining broken rhythms with melancholic melodies, harsh analogue percussion with acoustic instruments, this is a series of tracks that asks the listener to engage or retreat.

Including collaborations with Praxis founder Christoph Fringeli, instrumentalists Enrico Gontero on the accordion and Steph Voodoos on acoustic guitar this is a listening experience in of itself. It includes tracks that you would drop to packed breakore dancefloor as well as those that would feel more at home in a noise concert but all the same it is cohesive and true to it’s own nature – a cold, minimal, mechanical beast rumbling across the landscape of our digital age.

More infos and all relevant links: ... praxis-57/

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