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Get em' while they're hot!


LOVMP306 - Anorak - Schemers E.P.

Bristol based Anorak's debut release on Love Love is a brilliant and very heavy number,dank and skanky drum 'n' bass/breakcore this is dancefloor friendly and brilliantly produced. Schemers opens with some sluggy grim bass and cut throat breaks, with this theme remaining throughout the ep. The highlight track is Modus Operandi thumping and brutal with pitch bending reeses slapping into the path of harsh metal snares. Overall this ep whilst providing a lovely inspiring sound also has an excellent groove and mixtures of influences, you need to get this.

LOVMP307 - Bangalore Torpedoes - Little Bispham E.P.

Jonathon Valentine slips out of his chevron outfit to give us this 5 track acid synth pop 'feel good' ep under the psuedonym Bangalore Torpedoes. Little Bispham contains tracks written by Jonathon from 1997 to 2007 with the use of hardware such as the mc-303 and w-30. the ep opens up with some spacious melodies and plip ploppy percussion with a strong analogue sound. The tracks could almost be described as space-folk using tight intricate leads and key changes rather than the usual long abstract drones you might expect from an ambient release. It ends with the highlight track On Schmo which has lovely percussive melodies and a sleepy rolling bass giving this ep its subtle brilliance.

LOVMP308 - Lastboss - The Beast From Benchill E.P.

A spectacular destructive force of breakcore nature. Lastboss gives us the pounding 18 minute 'The Beast From Benchill' expect some heavy breaks, bass and lovely experimental ambiental interludes. Features 2 originals and 2 remixs all of which are brilliant, the highlight of which is the fourth track a remix of Yoko Ono's 'Night' which provides us with some lovely ambience which eventualy drops into raw eventful breakcore shenanigans.

LOVMP309 - Megalodon - An Unholy Mess E.P.

Jack Cooper from legendary electro-grind band 'Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards' gives us this unholy mess. A short but sweet braindance ep with all the right tricks, the standout track 'Curses' has floorfilling hooks and a general bendy liquidy feel with a massive orchestral backdrop.

LOVMP310 - Doc Colibri - Po...pô...Popp! E.P.

Doc Colibri from Toulouse, France brings us to his weird and wonderful world in this fantastic 4 track epic. 'Faya Bumbaka' kicks off with some lightning math breaks and solid square bass that'll make your jaw drop.' Le Plaisir Des Aiguilles' takes a more dubby tone with dirty skankery whilst 'Apaloosa' boasts fidgety acid vibes before ending with the eps standout track 'So What;' which starts with intricate programming, harsh guitar and piercing strings before dropping into a jazz fuelled dancefloor filler, that'll have you bouncing off the walls so much, you wont have time to stroke your chin.

LOVMP311 - Raxyor - Adamantite Harvest E.P.

All the way from New York comes this stomper from rancerous records boss Jeff Penton aka Raxyor. With a unique take on drum'n'bass he gives us this 26 minute hell raiser with monster monster bass and subtle breaks of melancholly. Using powerful vocal soundscapes this ep will flood the dancefloor for those 3 am moments.

Lots more coming soon!


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