mono-amine review

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mono-amine review

Post by piper23alpha »

looks like he reviews himself here... but i think the description is accurate and unpretentious
Mono-Amine / Joost G (Darkforce) Joost G is the resident DJ from the Darkforcepartys in the Netherlands. He started performing at partys from 1997. Most of his gigs are at underground partys. Joost G also plays big parties like Propulsion, Sphere, 7 days of Underground, Kryptic Waves, Project Hurricane and Full-on in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic. His style ranges from acidtechno, noisecore and industrial thru fairytale tekno with hardacid influences to intelligent core with an industrial edge. His sets can be described as dark, uplifting, pounding and a powerful mindfucking psychedelic experience.
older release legitimately available >here

more recent release> (discogs)
released on an american label. this is continuing in the same vein but harder and sicker. perhaps avaiable less legitimately if one were to use the right search terms.

aparrently he's got some kind of 3 year contract for 3 albums. some kind of trilogy? aparrently also the second one is out....> (more discogs)
...i say "apparently" but i don't have a copy to review and aparrently neither does the guy himself :?
anyway live, the release party for the album that aparrently is out, managed to get the room stinking like burnt-out driver or amp with matching sound which was a good achivement.

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Post by mujinga »

saw him dj a few times, can't say i was ever that impressed ... but then i don't really enjoy tekno much any more ... i get bored of it after about five minutes...

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