Buckettovsissors "Sleeping Elephant"

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Buckettovsissors "Sleeping Elephant"

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Buckettovsissors "Sleeping Elephant" CDR

With high frequencies tweaking and squeaking the fist track comes stumbling through you like a charging one legged basketball player high on crack wheedling a hedge trimmer as the kung fu magic that you know, just slays your unconsciousness. The next track begins a bit weird with a disco beat or alike then launches into a sonic blast of minimal frequency changing only to decrease in harshness and volume then switches to a different feel with a bit more stagnation, though continuing as a huge solid wall of noise while at the two minute fifty mark, the noise crackles like a radio on fire and popping as if the flames have decided to make the frequencies bounce off each other only to gain with a subtle playfulness that ends abruptly. The next track is a quiet static filled piece that is quite easy to listen to and might even appeal to those that dont think much of noise. With that said, this track sees lots of different surprises like that of a French movie from the fifties and just as depressing. Beautiful in its black and white montage of madness, it just types itself through your ears. The fourth track is a bit more of the same, but with a different feel to the track. There is a lot more tension and raw power than that of the prior, thus increasing in suspense while gentling fluctuating causing the listener to sink deeper into the mood of the track while at times even suffocating you a bit in its density. Track seven and eight are a bit longer than the others and even a little quieter. Flickering throughout the entire piece and in the end leaving me more relaxed than I have felt in a long time, while the last track is a bit louder, the feel of the track is again comfortable and although it is harsh, it has a clean taste that is distinct with a pure white noise that with time pinches the skin with pliers, twisting like someone trying to tweak a broken pipe. A nice collection of sounds, plus a whole mess of other stuff that will keep you and yours entertained for many listens to come. -Joe Lombardo

Printed Cdr in normal case with plastic sleave limited to 50
I have some of these from me they are7euro/europe 9$world. paypal to theogoodman at yahoo dot com
Or contact Secret Loaf at
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