BooT-SectoR-ViruZ - Anti-Matter [INV037]

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BooT-SectoR-ViruZ - Anti-Matter [INV037]

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Things start somewhat calm with a cut up and glitchy intro, warming up the audience for what is yet to come.
It prepares the listener to be taken on a trip through the mind of Erik Schleicher, or,
to speak in more precise terms, deep down into the ViruZ Realm.
This artist has a history of more than 10 years making hard hitting music, and it shows.
From industrialesque patterns to pure breakcore mania, he manages to cover a broad variety of styles,
never forgetting his musical roots to come back with some high speed hardcore attacks here and there.
Though there are a lot of samples on various tracks, BooT-SectoR-ViruZ always maintains
to keep them fresh and original with a tongue-in-cheek aspect and even sampling The Prodigy
gives things a nice drift. It's almost impossible to categorize this release by any musical terms
as there are no weak tracks and no track sounds the same. Amazingly the album still sounds very homogeneous.
"Anti-Matter" takes the listener back to the good old times of broken beats and hard electronic music
while keeping up with the present and the future as well. In times like these where anyone owning a PC
and fucking around with some pirated music program calls himself an underground producer,
BooT-SectoR-ViruZ, the one and original "Disco Daddy", proves that there are still people
able to develope a very unqique style while taking things not too serious.
This album is filled with energy, anger and fun, people won't know what hit them
but only that they have to move their bodies somehow.

-reviewed by about:black-

01 Enter ViruZ Realm
02 Mindrape
03 Carnivore
04 Heavy Breathing
05 The Last Sequence
06 Disco Daddy
07 Oppression (Equal Shit)
08 Trigger
09 Cruel Intentions
10 Deep Down Below
11 Am Rande Des Wahnsinns
12 Dead Line
13 Eat You Alive

Free Download: ... _Below.mp3 (full) ... tter-2.mp3 (snippet) ... tter-7.mp3 (snippet)

Adnoiseam review:
Debut album for this young producer from Berlin, released on Ambassador21's Invasion Wreck Chords. Quite broken and changing for rhythmic noise, but too overdriven for breakcore, "Anti-Matter" falls something between these two categories, ending up being a mid to up-paced combination of sudden breaks, dark melodies, and heavy noisy beats. It sounds quite raw, energetic and not very happy, and I am sure it's supposed to be this way.

chain d.l.k. review:
With more than ten years of activity, BooT-SectoR-ViruZ release for Invasion Wreck Chords his latest album titled ANTI MATTER. The CD contains 13 tracks of high rated blend of industrial noise, break beat and ambient with a certain danceable vein (check tracks like “Disco daddy” or the following “Oppression – equal shit”). Each track someway sounds different one from the other because if “Trigger” is more based on rhythm and a melodic line (the female vocal sample is so catchy), “Cruel intentions” is more ambient/break beat, while “Carnivore” is an ambient distorted rhythm freak. Based on samples, rhythms madness and dark atmospheres, the album sounds great. Erik Schleicher did a magnificent job and I suggest you to check this 37th Invasion Wreck Chords release!
bazz in your face, you commercial art-suckers

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