Drumcorps - Grist (As Noiseam - ADN70)

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Drumcorps - Grist (As Noiseam - ADN70)

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"Grist", the debut full-length by Drumcorps features 11 tracks of amen blast beats, guitar-wash-screams, and plenty of musical tension. Quick and decisive, "Grist" is quite possibly the definitive breakcore/grindcore hybrid album of its kind. Far from just a typical grindcore mash-up mix, producer Aaron Spectre plays many of the riffs and tweaks the source material to near impossible levels, all making a passionate emotional attack on the listener. The intensity of his live shows has made him increasingly in demand, destroying parties from Tokyo to London. He's at the top of his game, and "Grist" proves it.

1. Botch Up and Die
2. Down
3. Pig Destroyer Destroyer
4. Terrible Things
5. Forgive and Forget
6. Grainbeast
7. Saddest RMX
8. Incarnate
9. Worse
10. Time
11. Grist

enough for quoting :this album is fucking insane, never heard something this powerful..... ok,maybe Atomsmasher;
GET iT and play it loud as fuck, especially "Incarnate" and "Pig destroyer destroyer"

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That album was fuckign AMAZING!
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