iNSiDEaMiND make 2008 year end list.

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iNSiDEaMiND make 2008 year end list.

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iNSiDEaMiND – Scatterpopia (Public Transit Recordings).

The album by these Toronto turntablists opens with what sounds like a black box recorder, though where exactly their flight path leads is never clear—but this is clearly about the journey not the destination. Scatterpopia is not about dance floor climaxes or macho posturing; instead, iNSiDEaMiND peer into the dark corners of their vinyl collections to create captivating sound art. Abstract turntablism and what was once called “illbient” music seems almost antiquated ten years after its heyday—anyone listened to DJ Spooky lately?—yet iNSiDEaMiND manage to mine new textures and breathe new life into the genre, over successfully stuttering beats that keep the listener on edge while never veering right off the rhythmic cliff ala Autechre. They get help from bass-heavy beatmaster Ghislain Poirier on “Twilight Harvest,” though “Yopo’s Secret Recipe” shows they can bring the bounce on their own when they want to. The occasional vocalist is a pleasant distraction, but this is instrumental music that’s rich with its own narratives.



"iNSiDEaMiND possess a keen ear for music and its possibilities." okayplayer

"Scatterpopia is a definite mandatory late night listen that further reveals itself with each spin." Exclaim!

"a headphone masterpiece of an album" Toronto Star

"a great album" URB magazine

"exciting, darkly catchy and eccentric.” VIEW

"one of the year’s finer discoveries” NOW


Grab a copy of Scatterpopia at your favourite record shop soon.
Also available on itunes as well as other fine digital outlets.

Best wishes in09!
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