spun some i records i really like

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spun some i records i really like

Post by geroyche »

...and it emerged to this:

lost in translation - drop order [history of the future]
wasteland - classic case [transparent]
dj /rupture - goin to meet the man [orthlong musork]
dj /rupture - taqsim distortionada (esp's suture mix) [soot]
fever - two poles [dhr]
i-sound - dog tears [broklyn beats]
dj /rupture - in front of you [tigerbeat6]
rude ass tinker - get wicked [planet µu]
hrvatski - vatstep dsp [planet µu]
lsr vs. kid606 - mensa dance squad (don't techno for an answer rmx) [tigerbeat6]
garth vader - pig pop [k.ktus]
lfodemon - utterly wipeout [sprengstoff rec.]
bloodclaat gangsta youth - kill or be killed [full watts]
knifehandchop - vertical (noize creator remix) [tigerbeat6]
dj scud is rudeboy - one (rudeboy mix) [suburban trash]
snares man - breakbeat malaria [history of the future]
autechre - gantz graf [warp]
timeblind - rastabomba [orthlong musork]
1-speed bike - i am a pretzel on a stealth mission to kill the president [broklyn beats]
mutamassik - babomb [soot]
matmos - great white entertainers [tigerbeat6]


~47mb mp3pro 96kbps, 22khz, stereo

notice that i never called it a mix...so don't complain ;)

ps. i know, i have an own forum, but you don't seem to ;)
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