what are you listening to/playing lately?

What are you listening to?

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Post by sonic_buggery »

Pretty much any Enduser stuff I can get my hands on.

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Post by -ShredZ- »

most listened to lately:

Socialistischer Plattenbau 12.003/Sprengstoff 6 - Istari Lasterfahrer
Still Raven 1 - Supernal
Still Raven 3 - Base Force One
Low Res 15 - I:gor
Addict 6 - Stuntrock
Adaat 2 - Donna Summer vs Ove-Naxx
Aural Addiction 1 - Shitmat & friends

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Post by aSQvK »

If I could only listen to one more song it would have to be Eddie Arnold's rendition of "Cattle Call".

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Post by Saxenhammer »

1. GG Allin on Jerry Springer.
2. La Peste - Hangars Liquides 26
3. Mattr & Friends - consequence of thoughts cd - Ramadan
4. Coil - Loves Secret Domain
5. Voivod - Killing Technology - Noise Int.
6. Abelcain - Pantheon of fiends - Zhark Int.
7. Guapo - Black Oni - Ipecac
8. Kaebin Yield - ntt032 - entity.be (net label)
9. Iszoloscope - The Audient Void - ant-zen
10. Polymorphik 2/3 - puzzling04

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Post by Illkidformat »

metal......LOADS OF METAL. (like Hate Enternal, Necrophagist, Nile, Bile, ...... tons of death.)

i also like the new Hecate track on her MySpace, it's total BLACK METAL...believe!!! :twisted:

THEN i found some pretty unfindable KING DIAMOND Stuff, on CD in Russia. it's a recorded rehearsel from 20 years ago with Black Rose.


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Post by nannystatenoise »

aaron spectre - evil most foul (death$ucker)

those bush blair samples at the end of "look out fi liar" are wicked !
"mordor" is wicked as well.

mr kill - haters want war (bang a rang)

bang a rang's got a good series going. Mr Kill is Rotator by the way.
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Zephyr Nova
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Post by Zephyr Nova »

I'm just going to butt in here as the new guy and hope that I'm accepted.

I've been on a real drill 'n' bass kick as of late and have been listening to a lot of Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares (those are the best three that I'm aware of). As I can't find most of his CDs, I've been listening to random mp3s by vsnares from all his albums.

I only just picked up Squarepusher's Hard Normal Daddy, and I really love the jazzy instrumentation throughout. I think it's his strongest work melodically.

I also picked up BoC's Campfire Headphase which I'm really impressed with. The production is so lush, and the music is quite stunning in parts. I wasn't really a big fan before, but that's changing.

Other CDs I've been crazy about all year:
Funkstorung - Disconnected
Richard Devine - anything I can find
Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of What is Effortless (I can't find Fairenheit sadly...)
Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy EP/Druqs/Richard D. James album
Jamie Lidell - Multiply
Venetian Snares - classically inluenced one with the impossible-to-remember-name
Paul McCartney - Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
Stars - Set Yourself on Fire
Tom Waits - Real Gone
Elliott Smith - From a Basement on the Hill
The new Matthew Herbert (some of the best experimental music I've heard) [mp3s only]
Matmos - The Civil War
Jackon and his Computer band [mp3s only]

And I'm making music every day, so that's what I hear more than anything else I suppose.

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Post by dustrickx »

I'm playing a large variety of stuff
lately a lot of jungle related bc or more dark industrial bc
mixin that up with some hc or sc and stuff...
also tryin' some electronix and jungle mixes
love all great names also some less fermiliar stuff
both old and new stuff work for me

tracklist of my latest mix:

afx- vordhosbn
tester- tight up skirt
mysogine machine - mental x
supernal - love is the law
neokoros - overcraft
Kos - Totale Incoerenza
neokoros - 700 gr
FFF - empty the clip
enduser - rukkus
electric kettle - shoot the moon
istari lasterfahrer - government en cooperations
electric kettle - boogie woogie
DJ /rupture - Ruptch "A_ttak (Descarriada Remix by rotator)
bazooka - ruffnezz
d'kat - The Right Hand Side Of My Brain
shitmat - full sunken breakfast
curtis chip - happy days
knifehanchop - Knifehandchop Is My Favourite DMX Master
X&trick - killing joe
power vs power 01 (rotten and the bogoman - don't live in terror play terror)
e-de cologne - die langspielplatte b2
netwk-beat some sence into the psyche
doormouse - Twelve FT. Shapeshifting Lizards Accending From Outer Space
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Post by pulsoc »

The Bug.



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Post by synthe.labo »

Jesu - silver ep
latest Praxis vynils
knifehandchop -dirty new york ep
drop the lime - we never sleep
kid606 -pretty girls make raves
(yes yes, i like these last 'technoid' albums, with sorta acid house into yes, so what?)
everything from Ken Ishii, i fucking love his stuff
fu manchu - king of the road
old Aphex Twin
random Venom tracks

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Post by esoundc »

:idea: Learning the secrets of BULGARIA FOLK?NATIVE musik :P


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Post by sbmrgd »

Lately I have been listening to some old praxis, ambush,... stuff like

Bass force one - Welcome to violence
Slaughter Politics - Forest fire
Dj scud - Come with it
Dj scud - Put up your lighters
Abelcain - Faust ep

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Post by ztran »

venetian snares - cavalcade of glee and dadaist happy hardcore pom poms
squarepusher - go plastic
atari teenage riot - 1992-2000
ill saint - subterranean hits vol 2

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Post by Despoilah »

Im listening to 100 demon's and most of Unearth's stuff atm.
Kinda like this hardcore metal thing.

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Post by without_the_pain »

Pig Destroyer
Misery Signals
Anal Blast \m/ :twisted: \m/
MF Doom
Sage Francis
Between the Buried and Me

Kind of an eclectic mixture, but I love my music...

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