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Last time I saw him woz on PeaceOff's Antikartel4 in Rennes.
He did a Live-set & Lotsa Amiga sounds

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Patrick Catani started a new label together with Bomb 20 and sum other DJ I forgot...
label's called audiochocolate, there's supposed be a site up at www.audiochocolate.com but i can't open it so i guess they haven't launched it yet..

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audio chocolate i'm fairly sure will never launch.
there were threads about that at least 2 years ago,
and nothing has changed.
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Thats a shame :(..
Was hopin it would bring back some of the old DHR artists u dont hear anything from nowadays....

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i would book her

she could even not play any music, i'd be still happy... 8O

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it's hard to give just one dj/ live....
but it could be:
or La Peste
or Joker
hummm such a hard choice!!! :?

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e de cologne, live or dj, Im not fussed

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PURE aka Peter Votava for breakcore
Laurent Garnier for house & techno
Pete Namlook for ambient
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p.a. includes bands right

and I am guessing that I will have chance to catch the likes of Hecate,
Laf-o, Razor Edge, SickBoy, Drumcorps, Bong ra, DJ c64, skeeter and shitmat before I die as it is

so I would have to say after conjuring up Joey and Deedee
I would like to have the The Ramones play at my B-day bash.
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the one and only

then again ... maybe dustrickx :twisted:
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Post by ztran »

ripley :wink:

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Baseck hell yeah.
Its actually hard to choose really I like alot of DJ's but if I want entertainment and a good DJ baseck's the man hehe.

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Post by martialflaw »

not a breakcore dj, but the sickest jock i've ever heard, ever, is
dj neil armstrong


for noodley stuff and breakcore, i'd have to go with schematic's dj aura, used to have him play at a radio show a few years ago and he was amazing everytime.

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baseck and diskore!

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