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j somatics
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Give me Hijack, Hardnoise, Ultramagnetic MC's & Public Enemy anyday.

drooling boar
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roots manuva sumtimes
iconz vs elephant boot
anyone knows what venetian snares rmx on the illegal allstars 12?

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"brotherhood of the bomb" from techno animal is awesome, with some mcs, including anti pop consortium guys i think

last dälek lp rocks too

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oxtrumentals by El-P hmmmmmmmmmm

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I know it has been mentioned before but


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anything from these labels:

def jux
chocolate industries
big dada (mos stuff, anyhow)

fave artists:

company flow/el-p/big jus
sole ("selling live water" gets my vote for 2003 hip hop album of the year)
eyedea+abilities (together or by themselves)
roots manuva

j somatics
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4 those on slsk check out:

dj solosomatix - bathrobe jam

& dj solosomatix vs somatic responses - the day IDM crawled up it's own arse (brackla live mix)

for a bit of turntable fun : )

I can see myself doing more scratching based stuff in the future as I've finally got a decent mixer!

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check out PROMOE/LOOPTROOPROCKERS from sweden!!!!!

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you fucking head split! indeed,
Necro is cool! i just got this new double pack "Brutality" with his whole crew like Ill Bill, haha and even his record ads for his porn movies. :?

i also like Project Pat, he's da deal of the Hypnotise camp, easy rider gangsta stuff + i recently came to sample "La Chat" one of the first ladies out there in the Hypnotise Camp.. and "Dead Prez" they are serious about themselves too (dunno to what "camp" or "posse" they belong thou..) -

oh well that's all damn funny if you ask me,


Boom Bip and Dose One hell yeh.. it's like really influence avant garde hip hop or something, top producing still all so simple. i don't really have a favourite release of them, except maybe the one on Mush records "Circle" ..

then, i've just got this great new release on Skam records by The Shadohunta's, it's i think mainly composed by those Funkarma dudes from NL..

all the stuff on Lex records is very cool, and a special shout out to the grafics cause that's really good and original hiphop covers! check the site if you haven't seen them. (i heard they are under the wing of Warp, ssst. ;) )

vinyl vandal
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I was lucky enough to see Boom Bip & Doseone live along with Reaching Quiet, cLOUDDEAD and Radioinactive, was one of the best shows of my life! anything anticon related is always a pleasure

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highly recommended release off lex-

tes // x2

2 x 12 one rec with vocals the other all instrumental. it's great.

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Post by dèdèche »

some friends told me mf doom is great. any album recommandation?

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Puppetmastaz! ...and their very funny live-shows! :lol:
gimmi natty noise!

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check out Battle axe warriors
resonance network

go spastik
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dedeche - MF doom is great! Check out his Viktor Vaughn 'vaudeville villain' album on Sound ink (actually, check anything off this label!) for a start, and then go right back to the stuff he did with KMD 'back in the day'.

everyone should check out the 'three sinister syllables' mix by Jay Glaze on Chopped herring records, absolute crazy shit.
maximum volume yields maximum effect

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