DJ Sko presents: The jams

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DJ Sko presents: The jams

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Daedelus - The Household EP - Eastern Developments 005
Nihil Fist- Think and Destroy – Praxis 38
Alva Noto/Ryuichi Sakamoto- Vrioon – Raster-Noton
Ryoji Ikeda - Op - Touch TO: 60
Gridlock – Trace – Zod Records
Busdriver and Radioinactive with Daedelus- The Weather- Mush Records
Leyton City Breakers- I drink your blood – Still Raven 02
Black Mass Plastics- Untitled- SMB 005
Abelcain vs. Cdatakill- Playing with Knives- Low Res 011
Bombdogs, Suspect Device, Kronos Device, Radioactive Man, Blackmassplastics, the Dexorcist- Edge City Chronicles –Dead Silence Syndicate
Undacova - Pleemobil 3
Noto- Infinite Loop- Raster Noton- Double 10”
Sean Paul- Shake that Thang


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