Like anyone fucking cares, but...

What are you listening to?

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Like anyone fucking cares, but...

Post by emotionaljoystick »

here's what's been all up in my shit recently:

1. Zod.07 and 06... (especially DM's Double Sided Dead End.. Holy SHIT!)
2. The Whitefield Brothers 45s I picked up... Includes "Chokin'" and "The Bastard"
3. King Tubby's Special 1973 - 1976
4. Revolution Compared To What "Go To Work" single...
4. Nobukazu Takemura, "Sign"
5. Doormouse, "The Album"
6. Andrew W.K., "I Get Wet" (whooooooo!)
7. Mission To Burma, "vs."
8. Nicolas Colins, "Sound Without Picture"
10. JB3, "Close Grind"

And not that this is related to anything, but just bought "Donnie Darko" on DVD, and it's totally the best movie made last year...

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Post by American_Trash »

haha andrew w.k. i like his stuff too bad everyone i know hates the song they play.i guess they are too busy whining about problems to enjoy themselves

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Post by Zero-Visible »

"I get wet" rocks, gonna go see that crackhead tomorrow.

haha, then GWAR is on friday :P

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Post by cutups »

i don't like andrew wk's radio song.
i haven't heard any of his other songs,
but his radio song always reminds me
of coors lite. in fact, i think its also
on a coors lite commercial, but even
before that it reminded me of coors lite.

and coors lite is my mortal enemy.

i do like def leopard though.

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Post by emotionaljoystick »

Wow, this is a pretty old and pointless post to be dreged up like this... I guess I'd better do my new list, so here's what's on my record/CD pile:

Miles Davis - Jack Johnson
Lusine ici - Iron City
T.E.M.P. - +1ep - CDR sent by Kevin Parish... The titular track is DOPE!
Chicago Underground Duo - Synesthesia
Steve Riech - Music for 18 Musicians
Soplerfo - I'm a big, bald Teddy-Bear CDR
Touching My Void - Romantic Sir-Ponces :)
DJ Robin Williamz - Awsome-motha-fuckin'-mix-2000
Ken Vandermark 5 - Whatever I can get my hands on....

Plus I finally actually watched The Maltese Falcon... Now I understand where film noir came from... Great... The Coen Brothers still do it better... :)



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:) Tom I care because you do!

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