Top 10 most ridiculous Black Metal Photographs

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Top 10 most ridiculous Black Metal Photographs

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Obviously c8 isnt exactly the home of black metal , but I know a few of you out there listen to some of it and anyone else can just have a good laugh at it !

ugly ecstasy
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Anybody only vaguely familiar with The Hafler Trio would ofcourse instantly recognize Andrew McKenzie. :roll:
But actually it's our beloved Vark Vikernes of Burzum before being strikken by lightning and made a new carreer in burning down churches. :evil:

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ROFL :mrgreen:
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Ya cant beat the original and the best - check out the gatefold sleeve of Blood, Fire Death - Bathory - Quorthon Seth RIP ... ilight.htm

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WOW top 10 best pictures ever!
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