Sk! Chart-toppers 21st birthday

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Sk! Chart-toppers 21st birthday

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Some records on rotation for my lonely 21st birthday:

Emotional Joystick, first one on Zod (hadn't bothered to listen to it until just recently, me=stupid)
Gridlock- Estrella (Funckarma remix)
Clipse- When the Last Time (Smokin!! Mix with distorted beats for a satisfying ejaculatory crunchbeatzz)
Ryoji Ikeda/Carsten Nicolai- Cyclo (Reminds me of the Emergency Room, terrifying yet cathartic at the same time)
John Trudell - Old tapes (US Indigenous activist critical of Western civilization, utilizes big drums, fierce poetic polemics)
Low Entropy- Anarcho-Psychotic EP (Perfect track selection, every cut breaks bones)
Minion - Audible Defaecatus (Some favorite old tracks on this stacked 12, melodic stress atmospheres, bulldozer engine beats)
Organum - Volume 1 (Old 1985 drone material from this prolific group, uneasy violins waltzing atop several over-driven signals of industrialism)
Busdriver - Temporary Forever (Manic LA lyricism over unconventional post-breaks hip-hop)


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