Subscriptions fo Datacide!

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Subscriptions fo Datacide!

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In the past we have offered just one simple kind of subscription – the one we call Basic Subscription now. To this we just added a number of different models. A new Standard Subscription and a Supporter Subscription. For those interested in the music side, there is now a low priced Total Subscription covering print, records and downloads.

Basic Subscription/Back issues: 3 datacide issues for 15 euro incl. intl. shipping
This is our traditional subscription which covers 3 issues of datacide and includes shipping to anywhere in the world. It can include any available back issues, can start with any issue etc., so please make sure to specify (e.g. “issues 13, 15 and 18”). This subscription is super cheap and basically only covers printing and shipping cost. Use it to get to know datacide or to fill your collection of back issues. Paper issues only. If you want to support us, please consider the other subscription models below or make a donation.

Standard Subscription: 4 issues for 25 euro incl. international shipping
Our new standard subscription starts with the current or next issue (please specify) and includes the Almanac for Noise & Politics if you want. Usually this means you get 3 datacides and one almanac as soon as they come out. If you prefer to receive only the next 4 magazines, please specify (“magazine only”).

Supporter Subscription: 5 issues for 50 euro incl. shipping and occasional other mailouts and/or downloads.
If you want to support datacide take out this subscription! It gets you the next five regular issues and Almanac(s) as they come out. Includes catalog mail-outs, digital versions and exclusive downloads.

Total Subscription: 100 euro for all music and print appearing.
You are sent all issues of datacide, the almanac, related books, and all Praxis and related record releases for two years and at least up to the retail value of at least 120 euro (so if not enough releases come out, the subscription will automatically last longer), all including free shipping. For this last reason, releases appearing within about a month from each other will be pooled to be shipped together. Also includes catalog mail-outs, digital versions and exclusive downloads.

We are planning to add a couple more subscription options in the next month, namely a digital subscription for pdf- (or other digital format) subscription and/or other downloads at the cheap end and a Total Supporter subscription at around EUR 250.00. We’re still debating what these will entail in detail and will add the information to this page at a later date.

You can SUBSCRIBE by simply making a payment via paypal to info [at] datacide-magazine [dot] com indicating which model you want and not forgetting your current mailing address.

Alternatively you can also make the purchase through the Praxis Online shop, which has now a section dedicated to subscriptions.

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