C64 – Europe Tour July 2013 – Booking Now

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C64 – Europe Tour July 2013 – Booking Now

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C64 - Europe Tour – July 2013

Dross:tik Records / Make:Shift Records
Toronto, Canada

Greetings. I will be on tour in Europe in July
Available for Breakcore / DnB or messed up slower Breaks/Dupstep set (or a of little everything).
These are my only dates in Europe for 2013.

Booking dates now – get in contact to sort it

Download mixes at: http://soundcloud.com/c64dj

What you get:
-very affordable and mobile partying machine ready to kick ass
-tons of new tracks and oldie favourites all mixed in a blitz-out fashion before your eyes.
-is cool with crashing on your floor and will help walk the dog
-equipment specks required – two “working” turntables and a mixer (for vinyl and serato scratch use)

Email: c64_beatz (@) yahoo.com
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/c64dj
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/csixtyfour

Info for Dross:tik Records & Make:Shift Records

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