Dross:tik 05 - Unitus - "Caretaker"

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Dross:tik 05 - Unitus - "Caretaker"

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Arist: Unitus
Title: Caretaker
Format: CD
Released: March 2006

Album Clips

02. The Dry Humour of Geography
03. Something So Simple
05. The Highly Prized Bruising of Violent Consumerism
06. A Practical Application of Basic Economic Principles

More Audio Samples: http://www.drosstik.com/v1/DTK05.html

The Anti-Socialite of the Toronto breakcore scene, Unitus (Daniel Ross) makes his return to fame and fortune as he delivers his much anticipated second full length album, “Caretaker”. The follow up to his debut album in 2002, “Cross Contamination” (D-Trash), “Caretaker” is an evolution in the Unitus sound, experimenting further with breakbeats and melody while still preserving that familiar dirty edge. Unitus has struck a balance of deep emotional melodies, while still laying waste to everything in his path with heavy industrial-guitar drones, slower bpm jungle beats and a gritty feel. “Caretaker” is power noise with real power, industrial with an edge, techno without the presets, and breakcore with melody. Brilliant!

New Releases:

C64 - Lowest Moments mix CD


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