Praxis News for July 2012

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Praxis News for July 2012

Post by cf » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:18 am

The Party at Subversiv and New Releases

First of all a big thanks to everybody who played and to everybody who partied on June 9 at our party at Subversiv! For us it was the best party in a long time and a success both artistically and in so far that about 250 euro were raised for the printing (and other) cost for the forthcoming 12th issue of datacide.

You can find some cool pics of the party here: ... /index.php

The party was of course not only a fundraiser, but also the release party of the latest two praxis releases:

Praxis 49 – Bulkrate: In the Temple of the Serpent
Praxis 50 – Electric Kettle: News from Berlin

Also just out is:

DM12004 – V/A: Accretion EP from Darkmatter Soundsystem featuring tracks by Minion, Fiend, Poxxe, Resurrector and Baseck, which is exclusively distributed by Praxis. all releases come with download codes for free high quality downloads from our bandcamp site, where you can also buy just the files if you don't care about the vinyl.

You can listen to all the tracks in full length on our bandcamp site!

New Praxis Online Shop
The Praxis Online store is getting a complete makeover and will be launched in the next few days! The shop is completely re-designed both graphically as well as running on a different software. In terms of content there are many more audio snippets as well as embedded bandcamp players or youtube/vimeo etc clips. In general there will be a lot more information about the different items. Hundreds of new scans and snippets have been added and a lot of prices have been slashed!

For shops, distributors and wholesalers there is a special login which will enable them to see the distribution prices. Please contact me to set up a distro account.
you can already have a look here and help us test the store before it's "official launch":

In the meantime the regular NoiseAngriff nights at Lauschangriff continue. The next date is July 18. After this we will take a summer break for one month and will be back September 5 and 19 etc.

Please check our blog here for line-ups close to the dates:

Datacide: Deadlines and Release schedule
Datacide 12 will be printed in September/beginning of October. We will shortly announce a release party, talks and discussions to launch the new magazine.

Deadline for submissions and ads is the end of july!

We are planning to be at the London Anarchist Bookfair with a stand on Oct. 27, and will do a release event in Berlin before that date.

If anyone is interested in organizing talks and/or parties in other cities please get in touch.

Please send a mail to

Praxis 20 years anniversary
At the end of November and the beginning of December 1992 the first two releases on Praxis were officially released. This means the label turns 20 this autumn!

We are currently in the process of organizing a few events to celebrate this – again, if you're interested, please get in touch (praxis party and datacide event could also be combined!).

Next releases?

We have many new releases in the pipeline but not the funds to realize them as quickly as we would like to – Help us by ordering Praxis records directly from our shop, downloads from our bandcamp site and support datacide by taking out a subscription!

We'd like to hear from you:

Give us feedback about the new releases, the new shop, your encounters with Praxis over the last 20 years.


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