Praxis (physical) Shop in Berlin closing and moving!

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Praxis (physical) Shop in Berlin closing and moving!

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Praxis and Yaya23 are forced to close our shop after nearly 6 and 15 (!) years respectively. The juggernaut of gentrification is pummeling the last remaining autonomous holdouts in Berlin-Friedrichshain‘s Ostkreuz area.

Rising rents and new commercial and residential developments have already caused major shifts in the local population.
In our case these changes affect and severely curtail the possibilities of operating the paradoxical project that our shop is. Over the years we‘ve strived to create a meeting point and outlet for different types of experimental electronic and dance music, subversive ideas, networks, and self-published cultural creations.

Of course both projects will continue and with them the numerous connected projects like record labels, print creations, event organisation and sound system.

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