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Toolbox Ltd 02

Post by Jealous Jester » Fri Feb 25, 2005 4:34 pm

New Release: 01/21/2005

Artist(s) : Jealous Jester, A Pod, Shift
Label : Toolbox
Format : 12''

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Side A
A1 : A:POD - "How Does It Feel" - 6min20
A2 : Noisebrothel - "Bits n'Pieces" - 2min28

Side B
B1 : Noisebrothel - "Executa Secuta Polluta" - 4min04
B2 : Noisebrothel - "Rotten Features" - 4min15

Noisebrothel: Words by Jealous Jester. Music by Shift
A:POD : Words & Music by Jealous Jester

Description : Breakcore meets Hip Hop. No Samples ! The perfect melting of Vocals and hardbreakz.. Word Sound Core ? Anyway listen the shit ! This record is LTD / Numbered to 250 copies. Only 200 copies are for sell ! The sleeve is serygraphied and part of a 7 records Puzzle (3mx4m when completed)

Text Taken From Toolbox Records

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Re: Toolbox Recordings

Post by aEris » Fri Jul 08, 2005 2:21 pm

It seems there must be something wrong w/the files... it takes forever to buffer and then it's all choppy... I tried to purchase a CD but to no avail... What a bummer! ... JJ, let me/us know how I/we can get a copy of your CD (s), please? +, How are you these days?... This message board is so neglected!... Probably a good thing- says something about the fact that people actually have lives outside of this technological void....

Wishing you well, take care! :wink:

XOXO- aEris, MissChief of Discordia
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