C8 is a website dedicated to music and the ideas that flow from music. It is not about any single genre or idea. It is about all original music and all original ideas (and a few old cheesy ones!). If you feel your music/label/ideas (as long as it's not the usual "breakcore/noise/industrial" genrefied rubbish ... or, PLEASE, NO combination of Goa, Trance, House, Deep House, techno!) would fit in here, please contact me at the email address mentioned below.

In no particular order, C8 would like to thank (even if they now don't care about it): Isbeen, Christoph Fringeli, Ameth, Jason VFM, Tjech, Cdatakill, Peace Off, Matt Hyland, Geroyche, Slepcy, PCP, Noize Creator, Jace Kraus, Substance p, Christoph de Babalon, Paul Snowdon, Somatic Responses, DJ Pure, Scud, Rachael Kozak, Neil CW, Nomex, Billy Pollard, Ventian Snares, Low Entropy, Eiterherd, Brrrrrrrrrt, Low Res, Irritant, Cavage, Joel, NBS & blax, Flint Michigan, DJ Entox, Bombardier, Noise/Girl, Babyeater, Sonic Belligeranza, chris@dross:tik, peter james, Shawn Shakelford and everyone else who contributes.

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